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  • UniWash UC Picture

    The Uni-Wash model UC wet-type dust collector is designed for the capture of wettable and sinkable contaminants.  These systems employ a unique patented five-stage filtration system and can be used effectively on the following applications:

    • Metal finishing  - steel, aluminum, titanium, zirconium, and other potentially flammable/explosive materials
    • Fluffy, linty material
    • Food processing
    • Ceramic dust
    • More...

    If you have questions as to whether a Uni-Wash wet dust collector would work for your application please call 800.229.7664 or email at sales@dynacomonline.com.  Dynacom can provide turn-key installation services.

  • Uni-Wash Downdraft picture

    Uni-Wash model DD wet-type downdraft dust collectors are ideal for hand-held operations such as grinding, polishing, and deburring of potentially flammable or explosive materials such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, and zirconium.  The Uni-Wash system can also be used to collect chunky or linty material that can be collected as wet sludge.

    If you are uncertain as to whether a Uni-Wash wet downdraft dust collector will work for your application please call us at 800.229.764 or email at sales@dynacomonline.com.