Dynacom Inc.
Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978
  • DBM

    A simple and economical solution for capturing harmful contaminants.


    DA, DB and DBM Media Bag Dust and Mist Collectors can help your plant meet OSHA requirements for employee health and safety by removing contaminants from the air. Designed as a simple and economical solution to collect dry or wet particles, these systems collect small, large or conductive materials. These multi-purpose units contain high-efficiency filters ideal for removing smoke, dust, oil mist and other pollutants from a facility.

    Offering a practical and effective solution for collecting contaminants, DA, DB and DBM units come with multiple filtration options to fit your specific pollution control needs such as sub-micronic substances, oil mist or odors and gases. The filters are easy to replace and clean, and the media collection surface holds up to 30% more contaminants than comparable products— which means less frequent filter changes!

  • Model M67

    The Smokemaster® M67 is a self-contained multi-stage media air cleaning system designed for general background cleaning of dust, smoke, soot or other airborne paniculate. The M67 is a good choice for light duty applications such as sanding, buffing, welding or automotive refinishing at a rate of up to 1980 cfm.