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Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978
  • 2-year payback. $10,000/yr. savings in electrical cost due to axial flow fan compared to double centrifugal style units.
  • Ships in 2 days
  • Save gas with modulating burner
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact footprint saves space
  • Local Office in your area for support

Please refer to the Moffitt Brochure PDF listed to the right for more info.

Unit of Measure


  • Industrial
  • Outdoor Vertical Mount
  • 100% Make Up Air
  • 60,000cfm, 5250 MBTU/H, 80ºF rise, 15 hp 460/60/3
  • UL Listed modulating burner, 7-14” W.C.
  • 15 hp, 460/60/3, TEFC motor
  • Hi-Eff, low RPM airfoil propeller, 1.5 S.F. V-Belt drive
  • 20 ga. Galvanized insulated double wall panels with 1/4” epoxy coated framing angles
  • 304L stainless steel combustion manifold
  • V-Bank cleanable 2” filters
  • Galvanized motorized damper (optional)
  • NEMA 3R lockable disconnect
  • UL Listed NEMA 12 remote panel station
  • Temperature sensors & controls


The Heat-Triever ships in just two modules. Simply lag the bottom module to your concrete pad and bolt on the top module. Fabricate a short piece of duct to transfer the air through your sidewall. Mount the control panel on the inside of your building and wire it into the Heat- Triever. Hook up your power and gas piping, pick your desired outlet temperature and your ready to go!


The Heat-Triever base is less than 8 feet square requiring the minimum amount of real estate outside your plant. Our competitors units are 13’ wide because their units require two fans. The photo shows the Heat-Triever being installed on a stand to allow the unit to penetrate the building at a higher elevation.


The Heat-Triever is uniquely designed using one high efficiency airfoil propeller for low static pressures. Our competitors units are designed using two centrifugal style fans. Since the propeller fans are much more efficient at low pressures than centrifugal fans the Heat-Triever can provide 60,000 cfm with 15 hp while our competitors require 40 hp. Thus, the Heat-Triever provides a $10,000/year savings in electrical costs alone.


The Heat-Triever is equipped with a remote control panel which mounts inside your building and monitors and controls all functions of the unit from within your building. The unit is factory tested and adjusted. Simply type in the outlet temperature you want, set it and forget it. The controller automatically modulates the burner to use the absolute minimum of gas to achieve your desired outlet temperatures.


The Heat-Triever only has one fan, belt and bearing set compared to our competitors two, reducing the maintenance by 50%! Furthermore, the fan and motor system is located before the burner. Our competitors fan and motor system is located after the burner, thus causing greater maintenance requirements due to the much higher temperatures the fan sets operate in. The Heat-Triever combustion manifold is manufactured from 304 stainless steel utilizing large openings. Our competitors use a convoluted pipe manifold like your backyard grille, which becomes clogged and requires service.