Dynacom Inc.
Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978
Cost-effective flexibility for industrial applications – from shop floor to dockside.

Companies often require enclosures to capture, contain and control noise, dust or fumes. The aim is to maintain an ultra clean environment around a critical process. Whatever the challenge, a Soper’s retractable enclosure system has it covered.

Why retractable?
  • Saves space; frees up floor space when the enclosure is not in use
  • Enclose heavy parts that require overhead crane material handling
  • Custom-designed for greater flexibility; large or small
  • Can accommodate specialty exhaust or filtration systems, electrical connections, special lighting
Unit of Measure


  • Encloses critical processes for safer work environment
  • Low installation cost
  • Short lead time from design to start-up; little or no installation down time

N/A Typical

  • Grinding booth
  • Blackout inspection
  • Media blasting
  • Flexible work station
  • Barge covers
  • Outdoor storage enclosures
  • Canopies
  • Roof or ceiling systems
  • Cleanroom
  • Over-spray
  • Environmental enclosure


  • Rugged, galv-alum scissor and frame modules joined to achieve desired enclosure size
  • Stores in less than one-quarter of full deployment
  • Floor space completely clear; no track hardware required
  • Easily extended/retracted (manual or automated)
  • Optional cross-flow air exhaust system enhances air filtration-equipped modules
  • Full range of panel materials to meet unique application needs
  • Clear or translucent ceiling and sidewall panels deliver a bright and airy operating environment
  • Resealable velcro attachments
  • Easy to assemble modular construction