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Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978

CRUCIAL's skimmers can help clean a wastewater stream, remove contami nants from coolants and wash water, or recover a valuable or reusable product.

Our skimmers collect any free floating oils, including petroleum, animal, vegetable and mineral oils. Oils may be recovered from small sumps, tanks or waste ponds.

CRUCIAL manufactures production model skimmers as well as specifically de signed ones. Our specialty is problem-solving. Some two decades of experience goes into each model and its application to your installation.


The ORD disc skimmers are another time-proven solution to oil recovery and clean-up. This concept uses the oleophilic property of oil wetted metal discs.
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N/A Hand Mops and Wringers

For clean-up of small spills, use hand mops made of oleophilic fibers to recover oil from floors, ditches, or sumps. Drum or bucket mounted wringers remove the oil from the mop and allow the hand mop to be reused. Most important, when hand mops are used, there are no sorbents to dispose of as solid hazardous waste.

Spill Kits and Absorbents

Absorbent products can be packaged into kits to best suit customer needs. Standard kits are designed to comply with federal, state and local regulations for spill clean-up. Absorbent materials in the kits can remove oils and fuels from water or land. Universal sorbents can absorb any liquid such as acids, caustics, and other agressive chemicals.


Industries that are using our equipment include: automotive, aviation, food processing, industrial launderies, metalworking, steel mills, chemical plants, and refineries.


Consultation on your specific needs and installation is available.


All equipment carries a one year warranty.

CRUCIAL's ORD disc skimmers are used in applica tions with frequent liquid level fluctuations or for situations with large amounts of paniculate such as metal fines.

Rotating discs collect the oil while scraper blades remove it for pumping to appropriate storage. Discs can be arranged on either floating frame or on a fixed frame for permanent installation. ORD skimmers are available in models with recovery rates from 10 to 200 gallons per minute. Standard ORD systems come complete with hydraulic power packs, transfer pumps and hoses.