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Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978

Custom-designed, cost-effective alternative to traditional rigid wall construction

Whether your process demands class 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 air cleanliness, a Soper’s cleanroom is durable and cost-effective. Components like HEPA filters, electrical connections and speciality lighting simply drop into the modular design.

Unit of Measure


  • Cost effective, portable and transportable
  • Simple, fast on-site installation, relocation (no special tools)
  • Modular design enables multiple configurations and simplifies reconfiguration
  • Cleanliness classification easily upgraded with additional drop-in HEPA filter units
  • Clear-view open concept:
    • Gives greater feeling of space
    • Enables monitoring cleanroom activities without entering
    • Reduces lighting requirements inside cleanroom
Soper’s solutions meet unique process requirements
  1. Traditional rigid frame system: prefabricated durable frame completely self supporting and self-contained; soft-wall panels are sealed to provide the physical barrier to maintain required cleanliness classification
  2. Retractable system: frame deploys around large work pieces that need to be set in place by overhead crane
  3. Suspended soft-wall system: panels are easily attached to existing T-bar ceiling or other overhead structure. Panels can be fixed or retractable.
Key Components
  • HEPA filter units output from 90 to 100 ft/min
  • Heavy duty T-bar ceiling alternatives: anodized aluminum or hot-dipped galvanize with enamel finish – both employing factory-applied closed cell foam gasket strips to achieve and maintain cleanliness category
  • Anodized high-strength aluminum frame components
  • Certified "as built" (at Soper’s factory) or "at rest" (on site)
  • Electrical package options: plug-in receptacles, variable speed controls, light switches, central raceway/multiple pin main line connectors