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Soper’s SoftWall noise control solutions – five categories
  1. Sealed enclosures to contain compressors, pumps etc.
    Target: noise reduction of 20- plus dB
  2. Large enclosures to segregate entire areas
  3. Smaller work station enclosures
  4. Overall ambient noise reduction within the entire facility
    Target: noise reduction of 6 – 12 dB
  5. Outdoor environmental noise pollution enclosures
    Target: noise reduction of 10 – 20 dB
Unit of Measure

N/A Immediate and measurable results

Soper’s expects the results to be immediate – and measurable – for its customers. Noise levels, before and after, tell only part of the story. The Soper’s solution is a complete solution. We not only solve the noise problem, we also incorporate our extensive SoftWall enclosure experience to enhance productivity and ensure there is no impact on process flow.

Soper’s encourages the client to actively participate throughout the design process. The goal is to ensure Soper’s noise control solutions exceed expectations in terms of flexibility, durability and integrity.

The final tests:
  • Seamless interface with existing operations
  • Delivery and installation with little or no down time.

N/A The Soper’s solution

Whether it is ambient noise – the accumulation of all the sounds in a production area – or a typical project that involves controlling a specific sound source, Soper’s will deliver a solution. When it is a complex problem, calling in additional associate experts like acoustic engineers is often advisable.

For instance, if it means creating a physical barrier, make sure it does not impede materials handling or other plant traffic patterns.
  • For ambient noise, a step-by-step approach is often advisable since costs can be significant when covering large surface areas.
  • Solutions can start with surface treatments such as wall blankets and ceiling baffles; then progress to include larger suspended upper panels (sound hoods). Framed screens at floor level can be introduced later to fine-tune the overall solution, isolating specific noise sources.
For example…

To overcome ambient noise generated at an instructional woodworking lab, Soper’s was able to reduce the overall noise level to a point where:

  • Ear protection was not required
  • The instructional area was isolated without blocking the view or mobility of the instructor (and students) at the floor level – enabling an easy and continual transition between instruction and machine usage.

Other challenges involved working around exhaust ducts, air make-up vents and electrical and compressed air outlets – all while ensuring existing lighting remained adequate in all areas.