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The Soper’s solution delivers
  • Rugged, durable alternative to – yet flexible enough to combine with – traditional rigid wall solutions
  • Little or no downtime during installation
  • Adaptable to changing needs… quickly and economically
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  • Cost effective:
    A Soper’s SoftWall partition system is typically installed with little or no down-time – at a cost normally well below traditional rigid wall construction. Don’t forget the short lead-time from design to installation and low future modification costs.
  • Flexible:
    Install fixed fabric panels where a semi-permanent partition is required or design in retractable options for areas that house multiple functions.
  • Adaptable:
    With modern production facilities constantly evolving (machinery is added or removed; production lines altered to improve ergonomics or enhance use of existing floor space), a Soper’s SoftWall solution is the smart alternative to traditional solid walls. Partitions can be easily disassembled and reinstalled or reconfigured elsewhere to accommodate new requirements – without the typical cost and clutter associated with removing rigid walls (drywall, metal clad, concrete block etc.).

    Soper’s can source an array of new advanced fabrics engineered to withstand extreme heat and caustic chemicals, act as sound barriers or prevent static build-up. Available in a variety of weights and colours, they can also be colour coded for processes that require it.
  • Clean:
    The Soper’s SoftWall solution means no messy constructionrelated dust and dirt that can contaminate sensitive equipment or food-grade products.
  • Safe:
    Advanced fabrics are Class 1 fire rated to ASTM-E84 test specifications

N/A Custom-designed, practical, dynamic solutions

Whether it’s a production floor, food processing, lab or warehousing/ distribution operation, there always seems to be a need to enclose a process or add one without compromising work-flow. A Soper’s SoftWall partition system is the smart alternative to rigid wall construction in an economy where being flexible is the key to success… even survival.

It could be to:
  • segregate and extract fumes, dust or airborne particulates or create a barrier that absorbs noise
  • partition a warehouse in a way that’s economical and can be deployed or retracted to accommodate frequent changes to the business mix
  • create a partition that’s easily retracted – vertically or horizontally – enabling unrestricted access for a new piece of equipment, for example

Whatever the challenge, Soper’s promises a creative solution. Soper’s pioneered the use of fabric enclosure systems in industrial and commercial facilities – demonstrating their most valued feature: FLEXIBILITY!

A Soper’s SoftWall partition system is pure flexibility when it comes to design, installation or use. Better yet, it can easily be dismantled, modified and reinstalled in a new configuration to meet changing business needs.

General uses
  • Partitioning buildings
  • Enclosing temperature-sensitive environments
  • Capturing, containing and controlling noise, dust, fumes or humidity
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Establishing ISO quarantine areas
  • Clean rooms


  • Door systems, including Clearflex strips, Quickslide
  • Windows
  • Individual panels can incorporate company logo, message graphics or be colour-coded for process lines (or areas)
  • Guard rails to protect partitions in high vehicular traffic areas
  • Vertical and horizontal retracting systems
  • Suspended walls, ceilings
  • Flexible Sopair® ducting for make-up air systems
  • Exterior or outdoor designs