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Eliminate Liquid Wastes with Heat

Thermal liquid waste evaporators convert the water component in wastewater to clean vapor for steam release. Evaporators can eliminate up to 98% of the original waste, leaving only a small residue requiring disposal. MonlanGroup Evaporators are a proven, economical tool to handle most water based fluid reduction and disposal. Units are available in either gas or electric.

Unit of Measure


  • Reduce Wastewater Volumes by 90% to 98%
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Cost
  • Reduce Disposal Costs
  • No Hazardous Chemicals Required
  • Turnkey System: Fully Assembled and Ready to Install


  • Machine Coolants
  • Parts Washers/ Rinsewaters
  • Die Cast Solutions
  • Compressor Blowdown
  • Mop Water