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If you’re looking for a versatile, cost-effective alternative for eliminating fumes and dust in your factory, look no further than United Air Specialists’ V Series. This innovative cartridge dust collection system is specifically designed to capture the smoke, dust and powders that result from a variety of manufacturing operations.

With a choice of two compact, low-profile sizes—750 or 1,500 CFM —the V Series truly is the most economical solution for cleaner factory air.

The VP system is also equipped with the UAS NanoFiber cartridge filter which provides superior filtration effiency and long life.

Unit of Measure

Item #

Item Name

Nominal CFM

Filter Area

VP-750 N/A PORTABLE SYSTEM N/A 750 N/A 141 ft²
VP-1500 N/A PORTABLE SYSTEM N/A 1500 N/A 283 ft²